Free pack in the new beginnings objective and Ronaldo! I can’t believe it.

2021.09.27 06:49 IndieDC3 Free pack in the new beginnings objective and Ronaldo! I can’t believe it.

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2021.09.27 06:49 Nyce-Playz The "Kwihnai" outfit (the Eagle), with trader shotgun, and a horse named Roach

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2021.09.27 06:49 teatime-withtori Anniversary

My girlfriend and I will have been dating for two years in October. I gave her Wendy last year and we have been collecting ever since! If anyone could help me find an Emily or Dante and Calton that would be amazing!
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2021.09.27 06:49 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for yeti720

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2021.09.27 06:49 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 06:49 Bony_Bink Keeping secrets from the GM and players

Normally I wouldn't allow players to keep secrets from each other, and I would never let players keep secrets from the GM. I think it is frustrating for the GM when you reveal new information and slows the game down. However in this situation I need some advice.
Me and a group are playing pathfinder 2e, and basically we all really want to GM games, however we are rarely able to play with each other (about once a month). So we came up with an system to make it so everyone is able to GM. Basically we rotate who the GM is every time we play, building on to the one-shot the last GM did before. We always keep the same characters, and the character that the current GM is using basically plays very minor roles, so as not to become a hero PC.
So we have found that this system works quite well, as we all get to tell our own little part in the story, and we get to play our own characters as well. We have had many random side quests and a few inconsistencies from GM to GM (nothing major). But I ultimately I really enjoy using this system.
However in the last game I GMed, it was newly revealed to me that one of the players is in fact part Vampire. In this particular encounter I had the players fight a Vampire, which lead to unforseen complications. Earlier in the game, the same player also revealed an NPC involved in his backstory I which I had never heard about.
Now ultimately, these revelations weren't game breaking. But as a GM, I do find it frustrating when players don't tell me everything. However in this situation, I wasn't just a GM, I was also a player in other sessions. This meant when I addressed the player about keeping secrets, he said that knowing these secrets before hand would jeopardize my roleplaying when I played my own character, as I would know these secrets, without my character knowing. Which in a way he's right, however then we get into situations in which information about players is suddenly sprung upon the GM. Also, now I only know that this player is part Vampire, and the next GM won't.
Generally, I prefer a game were everyone is open about there characters. However I know this is not how this players likes to play, so I am seeking advice about how to resolve this issue.
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2021.09.27 06:49 m3t4ldood [Re-Paint] p-RED-ator

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2021.09.27 06:49 dreadlockrastaa Wouldn't we be sad for people that didn't make it into heaven?

God said there will be no more sadness or Tears in Heaven. What about those we know that didn't make it? Wouldn't we be upset?
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2021.09.27 06:49 lexiepeterson Not wearing a bra needs to become the new normal 😜

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2021.09.27 06:49 Toadfinger Behind the scenes at SNF

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2021.09.27 06:49 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 06:49 JohnComaedra Agreguen

Agreguen en telegram soy @kujoboy para enviarnos nudes y pajearnos
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2021.09.27 06:49 RadiantLizard5 Three memes

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2021.09.27 06:49 Wolf-in-the-woods66 Adding Nathan to the sketch gang :P

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2021.09.27 06:49 valtmiato Anyone have a list of all the EU and JP exclusives?

I have the US set and just don't want any doubles.
For the JP games English-only would be preferable, or anything patched for English.
If not, I can just deal with the EU games for now and I'll get to the JP ones another time.
I'm slowly trying to do a complete set minus doubles.
Thanks all!
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2021.09.27 06:49 martianfox the face of despair

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2021.09.27 06:49 TropicalSkiFly Pendulum Zones Friendly Chat

First off, I am looking forward to Arc-V world to come out, along with new unlockable duelists and the Pendulum cards.
What I’m not looking forward to is the Pendulum Zones. In my own personal opinion, I don’t support the fact that we will only have 1 available Spell/Trap zone if we plan to pendulum summon.
To me, that ruling will make it difficult to pendulum summon in decks that use continuous spell/trap cards or equip cards (including union monsters and other monsters that equip to other monsters).
This includes decks like D/D/D, Crystal Beast, Gemini decks, and many more.
I know there are people thay disagree with me on this and I respect that 🙂 but just for a friendly discussion, what are your thoughts on it?
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2021.09.27 06:49 Seba7290 Hvem FUCK er Spilmester Martin?

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2021.09.27 06:49 Lulu_48621 [Friendship] 33F- Seeking friendship

Hello, everyone I'm a woman from Washington, D.C., and I just want someone who is kind, smart, good at learning, easy to talk to, and positive. I grew up in Hong Kong. I am an outgoing and thoughtful person, and active at the same time. Until my divorce, I got through the worst of it. I have a career, at least as far as I'm concerned. I am keen on fitness, travel, history, shopping, food and reading Reading and other interests. I like some news. I prefer to communicate more with friends in the US and Canada so that we can start seeing each other and having dinner as soon as the pandemic is over. What do you think? Nice to meet you, Pm me if you are interested
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2021.09.27 06:49 ALT236-1 you guys ever just

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2021.09.27 06:49 HMSmegawhale [Meta] Why is Daniel Vogelbach still featured in our subreddit's header?

Also 'kyle is love' has been the side pic the whole year. No play in recent memory could replace it apparently.
I know nothing about subreddit design, but seems crazy nothing about it has changed this entire season, even with us on the edge of wild card contention.
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2021.09.27 06:49 Electronic_Summer_71 Rolls-Royce wins Pentagon contract to build new B-52 engines. Great news!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.09.27 06:49 smiffy93 Tonight, I’m logging out of Destiny for what I think might be the last time.

Let me be clear, I’m not dying, least I don’t think I am. But if you’ll sit and take a minute to read this, I would like to tell you a story.
A long time ago, a young Smiffy93 eagerly preordered what looked like the most revolutionary new game around. I was so excited to play Destiny, that I think I skipped work to play it at launch. I was around 20 years old, still living in my parents house. Instantly I was hooked, I would spend hours every day roaming the Cosmodrome, Grinding quests, and battling the same enemies day in and day out, week in and week out, always hoping for those exciting drops, the exotics, the god rolls, etc.
Not long after that one of my best friends from high school, Randy, whom I had not been in contact with since we graduated invited me out for dinner with he and his fiancée. We had the typical humdrum conversations about what we’ve been doing since high school and how school was going, but then the conversation turned to video games. I mention I’ve been playing this new game called Destiny, and wouldn’t you know it? So had my old friend and his fiancée.
When I went home that evening, we both logged on and added each other on Xbox live, and from there it was history. We would spend almost every waking hour that we weren’t at school or work playing destiny together. My girlfriend would always roll her eyes anytime I told her what I was doing that night. Weeks turn into months, and even though we would spend the majority of our time playing destiny, my friend and I grew closer and closer. We would hang out outside of Xbox live more, we rekindled our friendship and truly over the years became brothers. We would spend so many nights raiding the Vault of Glass that it is permanently burned into my mind.
Eventually he, his fiancée, and I Formed a clan where we made many new Xbox live friends. As month rolled on, we faced new enemies like Crota, and eventually Oryx, but our love for the game never changed. There were days where I would think how amazing it was that we had rekindled our friendship over something as silly as a video game, but there we were.
Months turned to years, and something funny happened. For the first time in my video gaming career I was good. I’m not good enough to make money, or play competitively. But we we’re good enough to be Sherpas and carry other guardians on the same path that we had walked so many times before.
As our lives in the games grew, so did our real lives. Randy asked me to be his best man and he and his fiancée were married in a small but beautiful ceremony, where there were no shortage of Destiny quotes. Eventually I got engaged to my girlfriend, and he and his wife would spend many nights out of the month either playing Destiny with me, or hanging out with us.
But then something happened, Destiny 2 came out right around the same time I bought my house and married my wife. There was a hiccup as time for gaming became scarce, but our friendship was strong and our love for Destiny endured. While we didn’t log quite as many hours in Destiny 2, we still spent a long time perfect our craft on weekends and the occasional irresponsible late night.
When Covid hit, my work as a paramedic had me working long hours and my time spent gaming was limited, but it was a welcome relief to be able to sit and relax for an hour or two every few days with Randy. We were no where near as good as we had been before, but we still loved it. The thing is, Randy was always the go to guy for questions. It didn’t matter what your question was about, Randy would have an answer for you. So when Destiny became more and more complex and my time between playing increased, Randy was the guy. Even though I was barely a shell of my former glory, I was still able to have fun and have a few laughs playing came that we love so much.
But then something happened, one day Randy gotsick. At first we all thought it was Covid or something similar, but after a few trips to the hospital, we were given some of the most earth shattering news I could imagine. Randy had leukemia.
The months after that were fast. After spending nearly 2 months in the hospital, my beloved friend came home weak, tired, but ever in good spirits. We didn’t play many video games, And when we did it wasn’t the same late night laugh fest that it had once been. Destiny became a distant memory, and we always talked about firing it up again and getting the old clan back together, but I think we both knew that Destiny had outgrown us.
He died on a Saturday in April of 2021.
I spent His last days with him in his house alongside his family and his wife and his pets and all of his destiny memorabilia. I’ll never forget one of the last times I saw him, he was so conked out from the morphine that was managing his pain that he wouldn’t speak and couldn’t open his eyes, but when his wife told him that I was there his face lit up with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.
After he died, I told myself that I couldn’t go back to playing destiny, it just didn’t feel right. But after a while I had convinced myself that he wouldn’t want me to wallow in my own self-pity and he would want me to continue the legacy that we had forged. Randy was not a selfish man.
When I downloaded the game again, it came with all of the bells and whistle‘s and all of the downloadable content that I had missed over the last couple of years. I fired it up to find a guardian that I did not recognize. It was me all right, it’s just, wasn’t who I had left in the tower. I played for a while, I tried farming and grinding, I tried Exploring all of the old regions that I used to know better than the roads of my hometown, but I realized some thing. Destiny had left me behind.
This game is different than almost any other game I’ve ever played. The stories and memories that I have from this game are going to be with me like memories of a long lost friend. Even though they’re just ones and zeros blinking on a TV screen, they meant more to me than I ever realized until now. My wife and I are expecting our first child in December, and when I think of the young kid that I was, staying up late and playing video games, eating Doritos and drinking beer, And going on journeys with my best friend, I wonder where the years have gone.
I’m going to tell my son about the journeys that Randy and I had. I’m going to tell him about the guardians and the late nights and the beautiful memories that I have. I know this is just a game, but I hope that all of you get even a sliver of this experience out of Destiny.
I’m logging out because Destiny has left me behind, and I think that’s right where I need to be. But for now, I think I’m going to sit here, and look out over the Cosmodrone again, one last time.
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2021.09.27 06:49 nortomasta Ashley Furniture Coupon Code

Here is the Ashley Furniture Coupon Code
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.09.27 06:49 EastCoastJeepSRT Had to ask a customer if she received her item. Best DFU I ever had to do lol

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