Stroking my rock hard 8 inch cock, what do you think? Anybody want to ride it?

2021.09.27 05:34 8InchCock84 Stroking my rock hard 8 inch cock, what do you think? Anybody want to ride it?

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2021.09.27 05:34 Shellfishinhell Why Uzukee and the Devs aren't lazy. Just burnt out (also why yba needs to reboot)

Alot of people really believe that uzukee and the devs are lazy. That they need to come back and fix the game. But most of them aren't considering the pressure that uzukee and the devs hold. uzukee still has school, his friend betraying him and stealing thousands from him, and holding up a two year game that is primarily known for toxicity. While i do think he could do better in communicating with us and getting more devs. I truly think that they are burnt out. Looking outside of a game and nostalgic view. He is trying to feed a monster that hungers for more and more. People in this community is spreading apart outside of roblox(so event) and its kinda sad to see how this is how yba is now. What used to be a fun,unbalanced, mess that while it didn't have a lot of good balancing. It had a spirit that did better in each update. Now its gone, yba is dying, and still no communication. Yba should have a revival/reboot. Not only to stop toxicity and fix the game. But also to respark that spirit in the game. Maybe he doesn't want to work on yba. But who am i to tell?
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2021.09.27 05:34 Tio_Kentch (foi mal pela má qualidade)

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2021.09.27 05:34 Skeley_boy Blursed_homecoming

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2021.09.27 05:34 NivJizzet Why were they worried about the bomber fight?

Killua and biscuit easily beat their opponents.
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2021.09.27 05:34 CatchySpade It finally happened! And on a gungeon post no less!

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2021.09.27 05:34 RLCD-Bot [Sky Blue Octane] [Sky Blue 20XX] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Titanium White Zomba]

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2021.09.27 05:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 05:34 SergeantBubbles7 [USA-OH] [H] 3DSXL system, PS4/2/1 games & cases, GCN games, switch games, various CE’s/LE’s [W] PayPal, Venmo

All prices shipped, complete unless noted. Offers strongly considered. Trades welcome on my gameswap post. Only shipping to the US.
No shipments under $10, sorry.
Nyko Switch Gamecube controller adapter: $12
Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer (BNIB): $30
Furi Collectors Edition (BNIB): $250
River City Girls (BNIB w/ BNIB soundtrack): $115
Shantae and the Seven Sirens Collector’s Edition: $105
Smash Bros Ultimate Special Edition: $145
Travis Strikes Again: $77
Red Mario 3DSXL with case, non-OEM charger, and 7x loose games: Kirby Triple Deluxe, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Super Mario Maker 3DS, Mario Party Island Tour, Ultimate NES remix, Mario Tennis Open, Mario Sports: $250
Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition: $280
Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentina Limited Edition: $100
Mario Kart 7: $12
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Edition (some outer box crushing): $105
Super Mario 3D land: $11
Yo-Kai Watch: $10
Onyx Nintendo DS in pooacceptable condition (car charger, Sims 2, random GBA game): $43
Donkey Konga with Bongos (no box for bongos): $60 OBO
Mario Power Tennis (disc only, light scratches): $24
Megaman X Collection: $40
Metroid Prime w/ bonus disc: $45
Spyro: Heroes Tail: $15
Star Wars: Rouge Squadron III Rebel Strike (no manual): $10
Home (BNIB): $30
Overcooked! 2: $15
Risk of Rain: $15
The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk: $10
The Last of Us Part II: $23
The Talos Principle: $25
PS4, case only (all $2):
Doom Eternal
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
Dynasty Warriors 9
Fallout 76
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
The Last of Us: Remastered
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness: $73
Commandos 2 (water damage, no manual): free w purchase
Silent Hill 4 (cover art damage): $105
Silent Hill Origins: $107
Transformers: The Game (GH, no manual): free w purchase
Final Fantasy VII (GH, cracked jewel case): $27
Lunar 2 (Eternal Blue Complete edition, gash in side): $220
Tales of Destiny (disc only): $100
La Mulana Collector’s Edition (BNIB): $80
Silent Hill: Book of Memories (loose): $55
Spelunky Collector’s Edition (BNIB): $95
Undertale Collectors Edition with Artbook and Sticker: $125
Untested black controller with rechargeable battery and cover, busted right bumper: $15
Free w/ purchase:
Bioshock Infinite (PS3, disc only)
Demon Sword (NES repro art and clamshell case)
Dragon Spirit (NES repro art and clamshell case)
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors 2 (NES repro art and clamshell case)
Legacy of the Wizard (NES repro art and clamshell case)
Lego Star Wars II (NDS, case only)
Rambo (NES repro art and clamshell case)
TLOU (PS3, disc only)
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2021.09.27 05:34 operator-60 This is for the fans of Hifumi Togo

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2021.09.27 05:34 felixthursday America’s Need to Pay Its Bills Has Spawned a Political Game

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2021.09.27 05:34 SsjTyson-12 I wouldn’t be concerned

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2021.09.27 05:34 trs53110 Geothermal or Air Source Heat Pump?

I am considering replacing my current HVAC system and switching to geothermal or air source heat pump and a new modulating LP boiler. Is geothermal worth the extra upfront cost? The house is 4700 square feet with an indoor pool. I have 2 A/C units and furnaces and a boiler for my hot water, basement floor, indoor pool and the floor in the pool room. My fuel type is LP and I live is the northern part of the midwest so cold winters. Does anybody have experience with both systems?
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2021.09.27 05:34 alicode1111 How do you make friends? Or at least get to know and talk to people?

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2021.09.27 05:34 Ok_Profession_1029 Omg😱 accidentally kill

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2021.09.27 05:34 thabat I think when RC said "Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey" he meant "I have more invested in this than any of you apes. Talk is cheap. But I put my money where my mouth is. No one wants this to happen more than me.".

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2021.09.27 05:34 maxbayko Finished. For now

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2021.09.27 05:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 05:34 Goose-Current Did I read a big spoiler?

So I am only like 3 hours into Xenogears. I was in the Xenogears sub and I read someone mention the name "Esmeralda." I started to hope that was not the name of someone important (like the final boss or something) so I took the gamble and googled the name. I found out she is a party member who apparently said that she was built 4000 years ago to aid the human race (in I don't know what?). I also ended up seeing every party member and how they looked like. How bad are these spoilers? Or are they even spoilers at all?
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2021.09.27 05:34 Beginning_Bag871 5 month collection

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2021.09.27 05:34 Lookin4deezhoez Anybody know a good piercer in nyc doesn’t matter what borough

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2021.09.27 05:34 Moho_braccatus What's a less well-known scam that the public should know about?

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2021.09.27 05:34 Spartan775 He is with me! Second time.

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2021.09.27 05:34 Unusual_Type_1884 “These are a few of my favorite things”

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2021.09.27 05:34 Your-username-must-b Cursed_Dr. D

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