Elastic Fantastic

2021.09.27 05:57 autismoquasimoto Elastic Fantastic

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2021.09.27 05:57 6612-yungkash Make a telegram or discord

Bruh we need a telegram or discord in case this ho gets banned or summ
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2021.09.27 05:57 RockyHillsFarmRescue 8 Week Old New Addition

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2021.09.27 05:57 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/FoolSkope in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.09.27 05:57 speedycheetah29 What do cops do if the person they arrested has a handcuff fetish?

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2021.09.27 05:57 Vegetable_Cry_4753 🔥

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2021.09.27 05:57 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 05:57 ririkkuma00 hot cash codes

a couple codes might be fully used, but the majority should still work. let me know if you use!

15 off 30 HBA0-K7VZK74W79

30 off 60 HLB0-9DR5GH5WMW

75 off 150 HLE0-LHKCRSN5PR
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2021.09.27 05:57 Greensburg Stay strong, the pain will end someday...

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2021.09.27 05:57 bobcat Word of the Day: impediment

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2021.09.27 05:57 bananathaniel Started playing recently and would like to have a consistent party going.

As title state, drop your psn id’s !
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2021.09.27 05:57 throwaway11275675 I'm not sure what to consider this

When I was younger my mom would often bathe me, which I mean, is fair, I was a toddler, I couldn't wash myself.
Anyways, this continued until I was 15 years old, which I guess is pretty weird, and during those times when I was going through puberty (All with my mom still insisting that she washes my body and forcing me into the shower with her) she made a lot of comments about my body and would touch me occasionally. She'd make me strip naked too and rub lotion on my ass, I mean, I'm not sure how to word that any better sorry, but yeah.
I never really questioned it because I had a really secluded childhood, I couldn't interact with other kids really, my parents wouldn't let me, etc.
As an adult now though, it feels just, off? I don't know if that's count as sexual assault or something so that's why I'm posting.
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2021.09.27 05:57 xCASTERx Just wanted to know if this was a quality cable to buy?

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2021.09.27 05:57 bobcat Matthew Stafford Shines on the Stage He Longed for

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2021.09.27 05:57 Ratio01 Interesting alleged leak on the final DLC character (potential spoilers)

I came across this article and, man, even I'm convinced. It's mostly the fact that the 4chan user got the exact date of the final Sakurai Presents like two months in advance. That only is extremely damning.
I should make clear, I always automatically dismiss leaks. The odd event that I do take them seriously is extremely rare, in fact this is the first time I've taken a leak seriously all year.
Now, for filler, I guess I'll just give my pre-emptive thoughts. I don't care for Sora, nor have I ever had much of an interest in Kingdom Hearts aside from when I was a young kid and saw a game with Mickey on the cover. That said, I think he has fantastic moveset potential given the movement mechanics in KH and spells, I even experimented with him a bit in Flash 2, tho I just could not get used to his recovery.
Of course, nothing is set in stone til we actually get the presentation on the 5th, I just thought I'd share this and sorta see people's thoughts on it
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2021.09.27 05:57 Another_Saint After so many years I finally decided to play Devil May Cry on the HD Collection, just finished the final boss, it was hard!

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2021.09.27 05:57 livingthehightlife Solar powered homestead gadgets

We currently have solar on our be RV, and we are planning on adding solar to our homestead after we build it. So I am wondering what you are using? A/C we are thinking minisplits. Heat- wood stove Lights- solar Cooking- propane Hot water heater- ???? Propane or instant hot water heater? Fridge-? Solar maybe? Freezer- Solar?
What do you use? What am I forgetting?
Do any of you use a turkey roaster or crockpot on solar? That's my preferred method for doing broths.
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2021.09.27 05:57 bobcat Health workers in New York must get a vaccine or face dismissal.

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2021.09.27 05:57 P00_buttz69 Ex said she’s not ready for the level of higher connection and intimacy I am able to provide her

Me and my ex have been broke up for a few months. Recently, she opened up and told me she has some inner demons she needs to straighten out before she can accept love in a serious relationship. She said she doesn’t want me to wait for her, so I told her I won’t, but I secretly do want to. I want to be with her when she figures things out internally, but I have no way of knowing when and if that’ll happen. I obviously won’t wait around, that’s not fair to either of us, and I’m willing to accept whatever happens, but deep down I feel like she’s the one and I hate that she isn’t ready.
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2021.09.27 05:57 Lilsmokie312 My wife sucking my small cock

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2021.09.27 05:57 xxkrissyxx0922 Looking for Scholars

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2021.09.27 05:57 Kalgiburi .5 yards away 🤢🤮🤢🤮

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2021.09.27 05:57 Nerdofthesouth 35 - Straight Tx Guy - Any nudist buds here? Interested but new to it.

Any bros ever tried nudist stuff? Like resorts or just hanging out naked with others. Not a sex thing, just generally. Curious what your experience has been. I'm interested but haven't gotten too deep.
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2021.09.27 05:57 tannyboopboop F**k Jill

I am so excited because I just finished putting up my autumn decorations. Guys, for real, I am surrounded by kitschy shit I got at the dollar store, and I couldn't be happier. AND, if you are a person of color, an immigrant, an LGBTQ+ person, or just whom-the-fuck-ever: you are beautiful, you are valid, you are loved, and you are welcome as fuck in my house. Not everyone who decorates like Jill feels like Jill, I guess lol. Thank you for being you! I love you all!
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2021.09.27 05:57 bobcat ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ wins best musical.

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