2022.01.20 19:51 CurZedPotato W/F/L

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2022.01.20 19:51 xyuebtwksy Should I try and send her 1 last email?

A few weeks ago I applied for a job on campus as a covid testing site assistant. It's the only job I could apply for on campus, and I really want it because my school schedule's a mess, and I cant imagine anyone hiring me off campus because of it.
A woman from my school replied to me a day after, and asked for what times I was available. I gave her the times, and she said "great, I'll call you in a day or two for an interview".
She did not call, so a week later, I emailed her asking when I should expect a call, and she said "sorry it's been really busy here lately, I'll give you a call tommorow at 3".
She did not call at 3, so I emailed her "I know you said it was busy, but do you know when I should expect a call?" This was a week ago. She has stopped replying.
Ahould I email her one more time? Or would that be obnoxious?
I am so desperate for this job, but I can't tell if I should give up on it by this point.
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2022.01.20 19:51 Texas_4R Young British commentator breaks down over mask mandates: "I watched and felt like my entire life was falling apart because of what this government did to young people."

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2022.01.20 19:51 kwasnt [W] i5-10400/i5-11400 + ATX board [H] Paypal

I'm looking for either a lower priced i5-10400 or an i5-11400. I cannot use the F models, I need the iGPU. I'll be looking for a full ATX board as well, preferably with at least 2 pcie x16 slots (3 is a plus) and at least 6 sata ports (8 would be a plus).
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2022.01.20 19:51 clip_mirror_bot Simply ?

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2022.01.20 19:51 etherealswan Helloo 💌

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2022.01.20 19:51 jamiechaseMetaMats First bottle of clonazolam

Just got my first 2ml bottle of clam, I’m being told that 1 mg is same as roughly 2mg alp? Just wondering what to expect, my plant takes 6-8mg alprolazam a day responsibly as prescribed and was curious to what to expect with the clam the first time? I am very aware of delusions of sobriety my plant can get as it has had a press once or twice but never knew for sure what was the long acting benzo in it. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 19:51 greencapri What helps ease your anxiety?

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2022.01.20 19:51 coolcottsking Please help!!

We have just moved into our new home and some of the kitchen cupboards have frosted glass fronts which we hate as you can still see everything in them. Any ideas on how we can cover them up? Wallpaper? Replace the glass? Spray paint?
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2022.01.20 19:51 Dry-University797 What a shock. The State of Florida is struggling to fill their crappy paying jobs

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2022.01.20 19:51 SirBottles My bell pepper came with a mini bell pepper inside

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2022.01.20 19:51 lacroixcalypsenow A mountainside shattering - 2nd ever ice dye

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2022.01.20 19:51 fastyorker2 Low to Zero chance of an update before Late next week

Given how much downward pressure there is on the market right now and BB holding it's value around the $9 mark, I don't think an announcement is coming until the Fed meeting is done next week.
This way some external influences will be limited.
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2022.01.20 19:51 NoCampaign9935 I'm so pleased with how it came out!

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2022.01.20 19:51 Kasostos how to sync my whole Desktop?

simple as that. id like a 1:1 Sync of my complete Desktop (not single folders, all of them) so i can access everything on mobile and mostly dont need to worry about Data if my computer gets forgotten somewhere, stolen or explodes.
When i put the C:\Users\name\Desktop as a sync target (even if its the only one, no root sync) the app just crashes, needs to be uninstalled to be able to open it again.
is what i want not possible?
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2022.01.20 19:51 ILoveTwitch Hey tinder, is the bio too strong or does it fit the comedic value of this photo

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2022.01.20 19:51 EtRan543 Genesect 4574 9583 2691

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2022.01.20 19:51 orcalmao Amitriptyline

Is anyone on this? Did it help? Doctors have given me this after trying a few antidepressants but I am nervous to take it.
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2022.01.20 19:51 Itachi_rouge [Spoilers] What is your favourite episode in the series?

Mine would have to be Rains of Castamere because of the shock factor and with the heroes being slaughtered like it’s nothing. Battle Of The Bastards is second for me due to it being the best battle of the series and the cinematography is at its best.
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2022.01.20 19:51 Recognition_Adept Can somebody verify this for me please?

Can somebody verify this for me please? hey can anybody here verify if this guy is legit or not he wreaks of stolen valor and has been talking some shit online. I from another country and never served but this guy's story seems fishy to me
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2022.01.20 19:51 esotericvitriol USC to require security guards in hallways and stairs leading to bedrooms during fraternity parties

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2022.01.20 19:51 clueless_as_fuck Meanwhile at the mine...

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2022.01.20 19:51 Perfil-Anonimo ¿Es cierto que ya necesito escoger algo relacionado a lo que quiero estudiar en la prepa? (Disculpen si la pregunta esta pendeja pero no tengo a quien preguntarle)

Soy de hidalgo por las dudas, mis padres me dicen que ahí debo escoger lo que quiero estudiar, como funciona todo ese tema de la prepa? Se que la pregunta esta mensa disculpen no tengo a quien decirle, seré el primero en llegar a eso.
Por cierto es es diferente entre una prepa y un cbtis?
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2022.01.20 19:51 Iwantthegreatest Why still no c band in many of the cities it was supposed to launch

Many people on here have said that cities it was supposed to launch in are still dark. I'm in Dallas Fort Worth and nothing in my area and as far as I hear nothing anywhere in DFW. So why is c band not launched yet in those cities?
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2022.01.20 19:51 ArrowFlashLantern My updated cue collection

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